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First, five points The Good Car Guy believes to be necessary knowledge for all those interested in the Chevrolet Volt. This post will take you to the photo gallery and plenty of General Motors talk.

1- Powered by its electric-drive unit, the Volt makes 150 horsepower. That’s half the power of the base 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, a vehicle that should hit dealers before the full-of-enviro-cred Volt.

2- Its an attention grabber, but the production Volt is nowhere near as eye-catching as the original concept, a vehicle that wasn’t completely researched and developed before it was fully designed.

3- In a way, the Chevrolet Volt’s fuel mileage is still unknown. There will be a fight (even Toyota wants a say) in the way its efficiency is measured. Sometimes the Volt will use plenty of gasoline (plenty being relative) while plenty of drives under 40 miles in length will consume none. How does one measure that? 100mpg, or 46mpg?

4- News that charging the Volt once a day will consume less electricity than the typical fridge and freezer is superb stuff to which GM should be drawing tons of attention. Put it in real life terms.

5- This is new tech. Don’t expect the Chevrolet Volt to play in the price bracket belonging to the newly introduced Honda Insight, although you can expect huge government incentives after registering your new Volt.