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Does General Motors need a competitor for the Scion xB, Nissan Cube, and Kia Soul? Should a boxy alternative come from GMC, GM’s truck outpost?

The 2011 GMC Granite Concept is a possible answer to those questions. Definitely square, clearly practical, and at first glance more in line with American tastes than the Cube or maybe even the Scion, this GMC Granite stands a fair chance at success.
At its heart, the GMC Granite’s engine is a tidy 1.4L, but turbocharged. One highly marketable feature (but difficult and expensive to execute) is the “suicide” door layout. In Rolls-Royce parlance, these apertures should now be referred to as “coach doors”. Whichever it ends up being, it’s unlikely a vehicle priced under $20K would have’em.
Inside, though heavily styled as a concept for the NAIAS, it’s clear that GMC was looking for functionality over luxury. Durable materials can be stylish, too. GMC was going for an industrial urban loft look. One would hope for higher ceilings in that case. Regardless, this is how a small car interior can be inexpensive but attractive.
In production form, the GMC Granite would have to lose the wild wheels, the coach doors, and the bulging fenders. If boxy could remain stylish, it’s not hard to imagine GMC would pull a new demographic into the truck section of GM showrooms.

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