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During a period where certain automotive brands are having their very existence called into question, business must continue as usual. For Saab, that means endless derivatives of decent but uncompetitive vehicles. 

For the 9-3, that means a Volvo XC70esque, Subaru Outback-like 9-3X. Yes, when in doubt, add all-wheel drive and lower body cladding. Saab calls the 9-3X “the ideal alternative to large and heavy crossovers or SUVs”. The Good Car Guy argues that the aforementioned Outback or XC70 would be…. more ideal?
You know the rest: Saab’s typically turbocharged engine with a thoroughly conceived all-wheel drive system they call XWD. We all recognize that a car like the 9-3X will do little or nothing for a company that needs a massive sales increase and a large bottom line bump. But take a look at the 16 pictures below, anyway.