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Abroad, depending on the specific location, Honda has kept the torqueless 2.0L four-cylinder as a part of the Honda S2000. We North Americans have long since witnessed the slightly torquier but less fun 2.2L. Regardless, Honda’s releasing a trim job for European customers as a way to mark the end of the road for the S2000. Read about that here.

The “Ultimate Edition” S2000 will feature white….. and lots of it. White is the trademark Honda F1 colour, see; has been since 1964. Plenty of red leather softens the glow. Other than some unique badging, paint, and trim, Honda doesn’t appear to have done anything else to this run-out S2000.
Honda brings much attention to the fact that its high-revving 2-litre has won International Engine of the Year awards five times over the duration of the S2000’s 10-year lifespan. Rightly so; few production engines sound like the S2000’s and few respond anything like it either. Check out all 26 pictures of the Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition below.