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With its only link to North America being Nissan – via Renault – Romanian automaker Dacia has taken a strong hold of eastern Europe with Renault $$$ and cheap labour. Up to this point, Dacia has produced the Logan as ultra-basic machinery in a variety of configurations. Tough transportation comes at a price. Fortunately for Dacia Logan buyers, that price is low.

Travellers to Mexico may have noticed the Nissan Aprio, a startilingly inexpensive alternative to the endless lineup of old Sentras and Volkswagen Polos. In some South American countries, as well as China; Russia; and Egypt, the Logan appears as a Renault. India tags it with the Mahindra Renault Logan label. Regardless, the Logan is generally priced at the equivalent of €5,000-€7,000, a price that would make the Logan the cheapest new car in America; by far.
This Duster aims to be the corresponding small SUV. Sure, there’s only 105 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque from the little diesel but the Duster is little, too. Were it to reach production, the Dacia Duster is just 167 inches long, weighing just 2,866 pounds. Besides, from some angles the Dacia Duster Concept looks pretty cool. Have a look at all 30 pics below.