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Considering its worldwide sales success over the last number of years, Audi can’t really be called a second tier competitor to Mercedes-Benz and BMW anymore. No longer linked with Volvo and Saab and Alfa Romeo and Acura in that sub-luxury/premium-plus category, Audi needs to prove this as truth to continue growth. How does that work?

Competing with the big dogs in every single freakin’ category helps. So Audi is preparing the Sportback Concept you see below to become the Audi A7, a prize fighter ready to topple the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Ah, the CLS. Mercedes designers drew a lovely piece. Using E-Class parts, Mercedes-Benz can force customers into justifying added cost for less space and slightly re-jigged dynamics simply because the CLS is beautiful.
Thus, in this unfortunately named sector – four door coupes – the Audi Sportback Concept will be de-conceptized by losing some chrome and some mouth. As a less expensive alternative to the Porsche Panamera, the 16-foot long Sportback surely grabs the eye. As a direct competitor to the CLS, the A7 is in for a niche fight.