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Ever so slightly restrained aggression seems to be the sedan design mantra at AMG, in-house tuners of Mercedes-Benz. Thank goodness. Of recent, AMG has managed to turn some very fuddy-duddy machinery into monsters… and that’s before we get to the engine.

True, the new E-Class isn’t exactly “fuddy-duddy”, but she’s no beauty. Modern midsize luxury is split between handsome (Audi A6 & Jaguar XF) and odd (BMW 5-Series & Mercedes-Benz E-Class) with some offensive (Acura TL) and dull (Lexus GS) thrown in for good measure. In AMG form, as the E63 AMG, the E-Class is just so mean that one can’t manage to complain about its unnecessarily edgy headlamps, excessively rectangular taillamps, or its same-as-always profile. Oh, that does sound somewhat like a backhanded compliment, doesn’t it?
Regardless, the 6.2L powermaker sits under the hood and sends 525 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels by way of a 7-speed AMG Speedshift automatic tranny. Fun.
And frugal…. relatively speaking. The new E63 AMG travels and approximately 2.6 more miles for every gallon of premium fuel. Check out all 21 photos of the new E63 AMG in the Gallery below.