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Sticking with the 75 horsepower diesel and two distinct 1.2L gasoline-fed four-cylinders with 69 or 100 horsepower, the most recent incarnation of the Fiat’s 500 doesn’t make news for power. That part of the story remains the same in this pseudo-convertible version of the 500, the 500C, as it is with the regular car. Nah, the 500 and 500C are all about style, and the car you see pictured hopes customers will enjoy the view upward enough to pay a premium.

The power softop that Fiat calls a “window to the sky” is available in three colours: ivory, red, and black. Leaving the rails in place, says Fiat, retains “all-round protection”. That’s another way of saying, “We saved money”. But so will you. Had Fiat gone whole hog and engineered a car more faithful to the convertible genre, potential 500C customers would have most definitely seen a higher pricetag. Considering the 500’s penchant for startling consumer’s wallets, this is no bad thing. 
Could Chrysler’s need for Fiat’s help indicate a future for the 500C in North America? One would hope so, alongside the much cheaper Panda 100HP, a favourite.