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Vauxhall and Opel have brought nigh unto identical model lineups for quite some time. Recently, Saturn has been brought into this little subsection of the General Motors fold; but for the most part with the everydayish models. No Agila, Corsa, Tigra, or Zafira for those of us in the New World. But the Vectra remained fairly well intact during its Atlantic crossing and became the Aura. The Antara is the newest Vue and the Astra even kept its name.

For the brand-spankin’-about-to-hit-the-auto-show-circuit Insignia to become Aura v2.0, one can assume three things. Firstly, Saturn will have to be able to sell it at a great profit. GM buyers often find deals where Honda and Toyota customers can’t. Yet the price can’t get too low that the dollar/euro exchange eats further into profits.

Secondly, GM suits must decide whether they want to continue carrying a vast array of the competing models. Malibu, G6, and Aura are incredibly direct competitors. Easily toss the Impala and Lacrosse/Allure into that mix if you like. Furthermore, the G8 isn’t out of reach for the top-line Malibu/Aura buyers.
Finally, to what degree does a financially struggling conglomeration like General Motors fall back on old habits – selling outdates automobiles with ridiculously high incentives for a really long time. See Saab 9-5, Chevrolet Cavalier, etc.

If, however, Saturn does import the Insignia as the Aura or as the Insignia or as the Vectra, it’ll likely look a lot like the car in the pictures you see here.