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Re-hashing a BusinessWeek story that used EPA statistics may not seem like the most inventive post of all time, but it is strikingly informative. Every second car will save you some money compared with the car that came before, and that’s just at the fuel pump. In some cases, your monthly payment will tumble as well. Remember, the fuel savings were calculated with Environmental Protection Agency figures and not AutoEnergy numbers. The comment below each contrast is The Good Car Guy’s alone and shouldn’t be taken as commentary from BW or the EPA.

HONDA ODYSSEY costs $250 more than a MAZDA 5
Complete cents and sensibility. If you can sacrifice a little space and save a lot of money. Read AutoEnergy’s comparo between the Mazda and Kia’s Sedona here.
CHEVROLET TAHOE costs $1,100 more than a SATURN OUTLOOK
On the surface, a GM crossover comes across as so much more effective than a GM jumbo-SUV. That doesn’t make the Outlook economical. Check out the Tahoe’s bigger sibling match up with the Ford Flex.
If only every taxi would make the switch. Huge mileage helps the Escape’s case to no end.
TOYOTA SEQUOIA costs $1,500 more than a TOYOTA MATRIX
It sounds like a massive drop in practicality, but with a measured look at your space requirements, you might see the sense in a Matrix.
*small wagons*
BMW 328XI WAGON costs $700 more than a HONDA FIT
Obviously, luxury and performance fall off tremendously, but the Fit is fun.
PORSCHE 911 GT3 costs $500 more than a MAZDA MX-5 MIATA
The $500 savings helps the Porsche’s case. Imagine, a massive increase in performance that comes with the world’s most famous sporting car in its second-most hardcore form. An extra $500 in fuel? Bring it.
MERCEDES E350 costs $1,200 more than a TOYOTA PRIUS
Curiously, BW skipped the possibility of the E320 Bluetec, a car that would cut this gap significantly. Read about the E320 Bluetec’s comparison with the E350 here.
*size matters*
FORD F-150 costs $1,400 more than a FORD FOCUS
For the truly pickup needy, this is irrelevant. For those who use a pickup as family transportation, this should enlighten you.