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Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Sales Figures

Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor, officially known as the Ford Police Interceptor Utility, is a law enforcement version of the Ford Explorer SUV. After the discontinuation of the Ford Crown Victoria, Ford shifted its focus to producing police vehicles based on the Taurus (sedan) and Explorer (SUV). The Police Interceptor Utility quickly gained popularity and became one of the most prevalent police vehicles in the United States.

Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Overview

The Police Interceptor Utility is based on the Ford Explorer, but it has been heavily modified to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement. This includes a reinforced structure, heavy-duty suspension components, and other durability enhancements.

Over its production years, the Police Interceptor Utility has been offered with various engine choices, including V6 naturally aspirated engines, turbocharged EcoBoost engines, and, more recently, hybrid powertrains to improve fuel efficiency and provide a power boost when needed. The Police Interceptor Utility is available in both all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, though the all-wheel-drive variant has been more popular for its improved handling in various conditions.

Much like the sedan version, the interior of the Police Interceptor Utility is tailored for police use. This includes a modified center console, heavy-duty seats, pre-wiring for equipment like lights and sirens, and provisions for aftermarket installations of law enforcement equipment.

Recognizing the need for improved fuel efficiency, especially since police vehicles often spend a lot of time idling, Ford introduced a hybrid version of the Police Interceptor Utility. This hybrid model not only reduces fuel consumption but also lowers emissions, which is particularly beneficial for city departments.

Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Sales Figures

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility rapidly became popular among law enforcement agencies, in many places surpassing the sedan version in numbers. Its increased cargo space, higher driving position, and versatility made it a favorite among many departments. The Ford Police Interceptor Utility’s prevalence in law enforcement fleets signifies the industry’s transition from sedans to SUVs, reflecting broader market trends where consumers increasingly prefer SUVs and crossovers over traditional sedans.

Ford Explorer Police Interceptor U.S Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2012 5,863
2013 14,086
2014 20,655
2015 24,942
2016 32,213
2017 33,075
2018 11,644

US Annual Growth