It’s been quite a while since GoodCarBadCar rated the best super-luxury automotive websites. Lamborghini came out on top of the eleven-company comparison. If you were to cut away some of the cost found inside those websites cars but keep the cool web features; you might arrive at the sites found below.

Check out these two GM sites: the new Malibu at www.chevrolet.com/malibu and Vauxhall’s VXR site at www.vauxhall.co.uk.

Considering the market BMW is attacking with the Mini, www.miniusa.com better have a good site. Fiat wants to cater to the same folks who’ll spend slightly higher dollar figures on slightly smaller cars. So, www.Fiat500.com is pretty awesome, especially the configurator/build section.

Suffer through the slow load times and you’ll be impressed by www.honda.co.uk/car. Finally, LandRoverusa.com has some Extraordinary Experiences. Watch the Range Rover Sport in Tokyo.