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Considering the likelihood that future Ferrari California buyers are more like us than the buyers of Ferrari’s other cars, it’s very possible that these California owners will use their cars for normal purposes. 

With a rear seat and the ease of flipping back the roof, genuine trips will/could become something regular for these people who chose not to take the Scuderia Spider 16M. And if part of their reasoning for purchasing the California was its rear seating perches, they better be useable. 
Choosing a California over a regular 430 Spider won’t necessarily save you a whole lot of coin, but no Ferrari lacks in the power department and large chunks of the masses won’t know that this is – in the minds of many enthusiasts – a softer, compromised Italian supercar. Supercar? Meh.

Are they? These pictures (click to see’em larger) show the Ferrari California rear passenger area with a child seat, golf clubs, set up as a load shelf, used as a load shelf, and as a traditional rear seat. Decide for yourself. Check out Ferrari’s California trunk irony, too.