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4.5 litres of thumping Italian metal built to send power to the rear wheels of a red supercar: a wonderful thing, indeed. Named after its displacement (4.5L) and the number of cylinders (8), the 458 Italia by Ferrari is an attempt to take Ferrari into the next era of automobile production. The 2011 model year marks Ferrari’s start of a green era….. well, sort of.

The 458 Italia uses high-end materials that cost a bijillion to actually put together. Moreover, this Ferrari will still use a lot of gasoline. However, thanks to direct-injection for the engine; a very compact and aerodynamic shape; a shockingly light chassis; and a 7-speed transmission; the Italia should return improved economy compared with the F430 while also being quicker. Quicker, they say, than the Ferrari Enzo.
With the purpose of showing the 458 Italia’s true colours, The Good Car Guy edited hue right out of two preliminary Italia photos. In order to truly see its profile and its lines, a lack of colour is necessary. To compensate, red was punched up a notch in the other two. Enjoy the viewing. Ferrari hasn’t made a car this good-looking since the 456M. There’s a little dose of Dino in here, as well. That can’t hurt.