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Mix and match those syllables, folks. The truth you will find is almost without exception. It is difficult to find a modern ugly Audi. But the next PRET TY AU DI is always on the horizon.

The latest A4, introduced to be a 2009 model, is growing. Almost too much – let’s hope the weight is kept under control. The greatest achievements Audi will want to talk to you about in terms of the next A4 are related to weight distribution and the positioning of the engine and the differential.

That diff is right behind the engine now, as in platform-mate A5, and ahead of the torque converter. This necessitates, or at least opens the possibility, of an extended wheelbase. Indeed, the A4’s wheelbase is six inches longer than it used to be and just 1.6 inches shorter than that of big brother A6. All in all, that makes the wheelbase of the new A4 2 full inches longer than that of the previous-generation A6. Why’re we talking about such small figures?

Well, because the profile shot of the new A4 shows some awfully gorgeous proportions. With the engine sitting a smidgen further back in the chassis, the front overhang is less noticeable, while that wheels-at-corners design creates a sporty kick-up at the rear-end from wheel to exhaust pipe. It’s very athletic.

With these weight distribution changes (in addition to a new 40/60 front/rear Quattro split) comes added beautification, then. It’s a wonderful thing when neither form or function follow. Just as Audi’s advertisements say: ‘Never Follow’.