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Argentina Car Sales Data

Sales of New Cars In Argentina

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Annual Sales Data (Table)
Annual Sales Data (Chart)

Sales of New Cars In Argentina – Data, Trends, Charts & Analysis

Benefiting from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, a diversified industrial base, and an export-oriented agricultural sector, the economy of Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest, and the second largest in South America. It has a relatively high GDP per capita, with a considerable internal market size and a growing share of the high-tech sector. Argentina has suffered from high inflation on and off and that impacts automotive sales as you can see.

Here you will find annual car sales figures for Argentina. These statistics are Total Market Volumes, which include passenger cars as well as light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

These figures come from unconfirmed sources and can vary slightly from other data you may find elsewhere. Despite our best efforts to find the most reliable data, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, unless a specific source is mentioned below the table. Still, we’re confident the provided data is sufficiently indicative of the size and trend of the market to be published as such. If you have access to a confirmed source of Argentinian car sales figures, including a split between Passenger Cars and LCVs, or data going back before 2005, please get in touch with us.

Argentina Automotive Sales Data & Recent Highlights

The passenger car market in Argentina is the largest in South America, with sales between 250k and 300k units per year over the last five years. Prior to that Argentina has seen strong growth every single year until it peaked in 2017 with almost 700k new vehicle registrations. The market had been growing steadily in recent years, with sales increasing by an average of 5% per year since 2015 but then plummeted in 2019, down 54% in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the Argentine car market, with sales plummeting by 21% in 2020. However, the market has since recovered somewhat, with sales increasing by 8.14% in 2021 and 7.97% in 2022.

The average price of a passenger car in Argentina is around $25,000. However, there are a number of cheaper options available, starting at around $15,000.

Overall, the Argentine car market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. However, the market is likely to face some challenges, such as the high cost of imported cars and the lack of a local car manufacturing industry. The economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic should continue and will be boosted by the growth of the middle class in Argentina.

Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands In Argentina

Broadly, these are the top automotive brands in Argentina. The most popular car brands in Argentina are Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault, and Fiat. The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the country.

  1. Toyota
  2. Volkswagen
  3. Renault
  4. Fiat
  5. Peugeot
  6. Ford
  7. Chevrolet
  8. Nissan
  9. Citroen
  10. Mercedes Benz

Interesting Argentina New Car Sales Stats

  • Best Sales Year Volume: 684,379 units sold
  • Worst Sales Year Volume: 223,438 units sold
  • Average Sales Per Year: 448,571.9 units sold
  • Total Sales Units (since 2005): 8,074,294 units sold

Argentina New Motor Vehicle Sales Table

Year Sales Growth
2005 290,648
2006 336,296 15.71
2007 422,230 25.55
2008 452,539 7.18
2009 373,231 -17.53
2010 522,591 40.02
2011 673,853 28.94
2012 596,397 -11.49
2013 684,379 14.75
2014 432,696 -36.78
2015 480,952 11.15
2016 525,757 9.32
2017 663,550 26.21
2018 610,943 -7.93
2019 282,299 -53.79
2020 223,438 -20.85
2021 241,619 8.14
2022 260,876 7.97

Argentina New Motor Vehicle Sales Chart

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