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Papua New Guinea Car Sales Data

Sales of New Cars In Papua New Guinea

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Annual Sales Data (Table)
Annual Sales Data (Chart)

Sales of New Cars In Papua New Guinea – Data, Trends, Charts & Analysis

Here you will find annual car sales figures for Papua New Guinea. These statistics are Total Market Volumes, which include passenger cars as well as light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

The figures below come from unconfirmed sources and can vary slightly from other data you may find elsewhere. Despite our best efforts to find the most reliable data, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, unless a specific source is mentioned below the table. Still, we’re confident the provided data is sufficiently indicative of the size and trend of the market to be published as such. If you have access to a confirmed source of Papua New Guinean car sales figures, including a split between Passenger Cars and LCVs, or data going back before 2005, please get in touch with us.

Papua New Guinea Automotive Sales Data & Recent Highlights

Papua New Guinea New Motor Vehicle Sales Table

Year Sales Growth
2006 3,204
2007 3,396 5.99
2008 3,396 0.00
2009 3,396 0.00
2010 2,856 -15.90
2011 4,281 49.89
2012 5,363 25.27
2013 8,321 55.16
2014 7,915 -4.88
2015 7,597 -4.02
2016 5,654 -25.58
2017 5,269 -6.81
2018 4,574 -13.19
2019 5,119 11.92
2020 5,183 1.25

Papua New Guinea New Motor Vehicle Sales Chart

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.