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There was a time in my life when Rocky Road seemed appropriate. Then along came lactose intolerance. Anyway, Chrysler Corporation began in 1925. Its whole existence can only be described as a curious meandering down a very rocky road. Label it as you wish: rollercoasteresque; turbulent; or tumultuous. Don’t expect Fiat’s takeover/merger/alliance/cooperation with Chrysler to change that. Fiat itself was just labelled by J.D. Power as one of the poorest quality auto brands in the UK. Indeed, without the $2,000,000,000 General Motors agreed to pay Fiat for not buying it, Fiat would likely be in the same state as Chrysler right now.

For Chrysler; times, they may not be a’changing. Here’s the modern history timeline of the Chrysler Group. Click for a larger view.