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Over the last few hours you’ve likely heard about four Chrysler models meeting the axe. Unfortunately, the same announcement held even worse news: 12,000 people lose their jobs. Personal situations of unemployment tend to put things in perspective.

As for the cars, the head honchos at Chrysler LLC want you to kinda believe that things will return to normality when the Dodge Challenger, Chrysler Aspen & Dodge Durango hybrids, and Dodge Journey come on line. (The Challenger should make me happy, but it worries most of us: where do I find the money?) GoodCarBadCar informs you of the departing vehicles and gives you reason to care about their absence and reason to ignore the fact that they’ve been axed.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible: You care because, after all, it was an inexpensive way to find yourself in a droptop. You don’t care because the high-impact PT styling had long since lost its impact.

Chrysler Crossfire: You care because….. Sorry, can’t think of any reason to care. You don’t care because the car was just microwaved Mercedes leftovers, anyway.

Chrysler Pacifica: You care because Chrysler helped urge forward a trend. You don’t care because the vehicle was simply marketing and ideologically driven, but not properly executed on the engineering and design front.

Dodge Magnum: You care because it was the mean-lookin’, hard-talkin’, Hemi V8 station wagon, man. You don’t care because it looked like a hearse.