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Reach back – way, way, way back  – into the distant recesses of your brain. In late August, Chevrolet introduced pictures of a car that General Motors thinks will be a worldwide small car success. Twas the Chevrolet Cruze; and already GM has readied its crossover sibling.

The Orlando, says Chevrolet, will be a “seven-seat multi-purpose vehicle with distinctive sport utility-like design, adaptable seating and impressive interior space.” At the Paris auto show, the concept will be displayed with a 2.0L turbodiesel. Overall, this preliminary image displays a handsome vehicle with strong lines and a shape that’s boxy enough to provide the space Chevy thinks resides inside. They use the term “outstanding interior roominess”.
Inside, the IP looks nice and appears to be shaped in a way that allows knees to splay. Of course the obligatory navigation sits atop the dash while non-existent-in-the-real-world spooky blue lighting shows the Orlando interior’s highlights and shadows brilliantly.
On the surface, or rather…. on your computer screen and mine, Chevrolet has something nice. Let’s hope that transfers well to production.