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So all the AutoCAD has got you down. Car styling ain’t what it used to be. I remember when every new model year meant significant changes, say you. They didn’t used to explain why it looked good, you just knew when you laid eyes on the car, say others.

Well, I wondered. And I wondered. And I wondered some more. And then I edited some pictures to (mainly) show the profile of a dozen or more vehicles. Plenty of people suggest that a typical midsize sedan, especially those built in Japan or America, or just carbon copies. The designer of the Nissan 350Z said, on that car’s debut, that a car’s design impact derives from a singular profile line.

I’m going to show you the profiles of multiple “family” cars, all priced under $30,000. Then you can look at the profiles of multiple mid-engined, high-dollar sports cars. Where has design evolved the most? Where has modernity struck heaviest? Who designs with cookie cutters? Which design group resides ‘in the box’? Does anybody?