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Yes, you read that correctly. Pontiac sold Azteks in 2007. Yes, you were under the correct impression that Aztek sales stopped in 2005. But, that impression was ever-so-slightly misleading.

The Aztek improved in 2002. Ever-so-slightly. The excessive cladding that coated the lower portions of the body was removed in favour of body colour continuation. Although Pontiac sought to sell 75,000 Azteks each year, that goal was never reached and production came to an end…. and not a moment to soon.

Even so, over the last twelve months leading up to the point sixteen days ago, 25 Azteks were sold. One can assume the invoice was substantially less than the listed MSRP. The 185-bhp crossover-utes sold for $21,530 (front-wheel drive) or $24,445 (all-wheel drive). It’s safe to assume a typical ’05 Aztek would be worth half that price.