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Here’s one mathematical example to help explain Audi’s current success in Canada: with a population ten times smaller than that of the USA, Audi managed to sell only seven times fewer vehicles. This example is full of sense, considering the model range lines up almost identically and much of the advertising crosses the border. It’s not as though Audi is unsuccessful in America, either.

Like BMW and Mini, Audi Canada posted a best-ever April in 2008. The increase over 2007’s fourth-month was 41.2%. Unlike BMW, whose earlier ’08 totals contributed to a slightly below-par year-to-date calculation, Audi’s April is just one part of a year that’s 26.8% improved thus far.
Audi’s lifelong most important model, the A4, is far and away the best seller in Canada. 531 members of the A4 family went to customers in April. The German company’s most inexpensive car, the A3, was the second-best seller with 212 units retailed. 
To outsell Audi’s only SUV, the A6; A8; R8, and A5 combine to sell 142 cars. Audi sales personnel sold 140 Q7s in April. The only remaining model, the Good 12-winning TT, posted April sales of 103 units. 
Audi’s been selling vehicles in Canada since 1971 and now makes use of 37 dealerships. The Executive VP, Diego Ramos, is suitably impressed. “These results continue to demonstrate the momentum that the Audi brand is gaining in the market.”