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Follow the chain of events: Skoda introduces its Superb with an available TwinDoor. Open it as a hatchback or as a regular sedan with a trunk. Rumours are swirling that the next BMW 5-series will provide consumers with that option as well. Clearly, practicality is moving up the executive transportation ladder. What could the future hold?

Picture, if you will, a diesel-powered Audi A8, offering the torque you equate with luxury limos with fuel economy better than the typical luxury SUV…. with (drum roll please) a hatch or wagon treatment. Why Audi? Remember that it is this luxury Volkswagen subsidiary that treats their Avant versions as the uppermost tier of extravagance. The Porsche-developed Audi RS2 of 1994? Wagon. First Audi RS4? Wagon. Plus version of the last-gen Audi RS6? Wagon. 
Does this mean that Audi will build you an A8 Avant V8 TDI? No, but it’s fun to dream. Renderings of the hatch and wagon are below. For previous in-house GCBC renderings, check out the Infiniti G37 convertible and Nissan GT-R Roadster here.