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Audi A6 Sales Figures

U.S & Canada Auto Sales for Audi A6

Below we have the Audi A6 sales figures and reporting data for the United States and Canada. The A6 is Audi’s luxurious mid-level sedan. In Audi’s lineup it slots immediately above the smaller A4, and below the large executive-style A8 sedan.The 2018 Audi A6 is often rated the best luxury midsize cars in most comparison tests and with good reason, it is easily one of the most well-rounded sedans on the market. The Audi A6 is good at everything, with an interior that is upscale and classic with amazing build quality, engine choices are plentiful (with the supercharged V6 a solid 340 horsepower in all trims), has the best MMI system with navigation (now standard) and spacious for the whole family. What isn’t there to love? The Audi A6 has some stiff competition in this segment with the Mercedes-Benz E-class, Cadillac CTSBMW 5-series, Jaguar XF and Volvo S90 breathing down its neck.

Annual Audi A6 Sales Figures

Audi A6 U.S Sales Reports – by Month

Audi A6 Sales Figures – By Year

Year sold
2005 18,074
2006 16,216
2007 12,092
2008 11,956
2009 6,786
2010 8,675
2011 11,124
2012 18,998
2013 22,428
2014 23,941
2015 22,850
2016 18,686
2017 16,304
2018 10,561
2019 17,807
2020 10,536
2021 9,543
2022 6,005

Monthly Audi A6 Sales Reports – Canada

Audi A6 Canada Sales Reports – by Month

Audi A6 Canada Sales Reports – by Year

Year sold
2012 937
2013 1,033
2014 1,113
2015 990
2016 834
2017 868
2018 522
2019 687
2020 527
2021 763

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