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Watch 2015 Honda Civic Si Video Review – Alex On Autos

2015 Honda Civic Si

Rare is the car in 2015 which isn’t even available with an automatic transmission of one kind or another. CVTs, DSGs, and even 9-speed autos are becoming increasingly common.

The 2015 Honda Civic Si, however, is sold with a 6-speed manual. Three pedals. No $1200 option for a two-pedal layout of any kind.

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That makes the Civic unusual, but not unique in its field. The Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST are similarly available only with manaul transmissions.

But with sporting machines like the Subaru WRX now available with transmissions as utilitarian as a continuously variable unit, the Civic Si maintains some of its enthusiast cred as a result of Honda sticking to its guns.

But is the soon-to-depart ninth-gen Civic Si capable of engendering enthusiast appeal outside of its transmission?

With an all-new tenth-gen Civic arriving for the 2016 model year, this Alex On Autos video review of the outgoing 2015 Civic Si particularly pertinent. How so? Deals on the old models will become ever more appealing in the fourth quarter of 2015. You’ll want to know if the Civic is worth it in is old age.

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