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Before the summer of 2009, General Motors will allow Cadillac customers the world over to mate superb driving dynamics with the practicality of a tall crossover. The Good Car Guy has Driven the Cadillac CTS sedan and was seriously impressed. Pairing that experience with what is logically considered to be a superior body style makes complete sense, right? 

Uh… right? Well, Cadillac doesn’t have huge expectations for its CTS Sport Wagon. In its home market, Cadillac knows that Americans don’t respond favourably to wagons. In global markets, Cadillac is still fighting its way – somewhat successfully – to respectability. Add it all up and you’ve got an excellent car that won’t sell in BMW 3-Series or Audi A4 Avant numbers, but will shine a positive light on Cadillac and bolster its reputation as a true all-around luxury automaker; if not this generation then surely by the next.
One of the most famous luxury SUVs is a Cadillac, as you do recall. The Escalade is supremely comfortable, powerful, and bodacious. While this new car isn’t an obvious alternative to the Escalade, the CTS Wagon (along with the ’10 SRX crossover previewed today as well) speaks to General Motors’ determination: fuel prices are rising, luxury car sales are falling – let’s do something about it. Says Cadillac’s general manager Jim Taylor, “This is an important step in Cadillac’s ongoing global expansion, and of course in international markets like Europe, wagons have been and continue to be very significant.”
Speaking of Europe, CTS Sport Wagon engine options will include a 2.9L 250-bhp diesel. Torque statistics weren’t discussed in the press release, but you can expect something worthy of stump-pulling. Asian markets will see that diesel, too. GM hasn’t hopped on the soon-coming diesel bandwagon heading North America’s way….. yet. Transmissions will be six-speeds; both manual and automatic. All-wheel drive will be available.

Of course, since this is a station wagon – dare you say the word? – cargo capacity is beyond relevant. Regular CTS sedans hold 13.6 cubic feet. As for the CTS Sport Wagon, that number will come close to doubling at 25 cubic feet.
Earlier this year, Cadillac introduced the absolutely stunning CTS Coupe and all-powerful CTS-v. Check those cars out with a click. Have a look at the 2010 SRX at this link.