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There may be some of you – yes, I do believe it’s possible – who aren’t aware of Malaysian automaker Proton. There are two reasons you ought to be – one for always; another for today. Remember this, Proton is the bankroller behind Lotus. Lotus builds the amazing Elise. 

Secondly, Proton has introduced the GEN-2 in ecoLogic Dual-Fuel Range trim. Ah, it ain’t just a trim package. The dual-fuel range GEN-2 runs on liquefied natural gas. LPG is gaining traction in the UK as a genuine option in this fuel-saving, credit-crunching, eco-worrying era. Indeed, British customers will use more LPG than gasoline, if their car is converted, but that LPG is just so stinkin’ cheap. Proton figures the GEN-2 buyer who chooses the ecoLogic version will save 40% on fuel. The car costs exactly the same amount of £ as the petrol derivative. Studies have shown that LPG vehicles in the UK are worth 7.4% more than the equivalent gasoline-engined car on the second-hand market. 
Proton doesn’t go far here on The label reveals one other post on the Satria Neo; worth checking out. Here’s some of the Proton release:
“It’s becoming increasingly easier to fill up on LPG, with over 1,400 refuelling sites around the UK, including motorway service stations and at major supermarkets.

Not only is the Proton ecoLogic GEN-2 more economical to run, but it has been proved to be more eco-friendly than petrol and diesel. Typically, LPG produces less carbon monoxide, particulates and nitrous oxides than other fuel sources, plus a 15-20% reduction in carbon dioxide compared to petrol. Even the production of LPG is environmentally friendly; it’s a by-product of the extraction and refining of crude oil, which also means there’s a plentiful supply in the UK. There’s nothing complicated about dual fuel operation, the GEN-2 ecoLogic starts on petrol and then switches to LPG when it’s most efficient to do so, usually after about 20 seconds. Any very slight differences in performance will go unnoticed and the only visible addition to the interior is a switch on the centre console that shows the fuel level. There is a second filler cap next to the petrol cap, which is matched to the exact colour of the car. The LPG tank is situated in the spare wheel well, so owners lose only the smallest amount of boot space.

The Proton ecoLogic GEN-2 has a 1.6 litre engine and is available in a sporty hatchback or saloon version, priced at £10,995 and £10,795 respectively. Customers will be impressed with the high specification that comes as standard, such as reverse distance sensors, air conditioning with pollen filter, electric front and rear windows, automatic central locking and alloy wheels. Both models are available with a leather interior, an option at £1,000, but for a limited time customers can benefit from a stylish black leather interior on the GEN-2 ecoLogic hatchback absolutely free.

Cheaper fuel, reliable motoring, eco-friendly and at no additional cost. Available at Proton dealerships from September 2008, the Proton GEN-2 ecoLogic is a practical solution for the UK motorist feeling the pinch. No catch.”