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2 VEHICLES – 1 good, 1 bad

Though the title of this site is worded strongly, proclaiming a vehicle “bad” is rare. The Good Car Guy would rather focus on the good anyway. Good cars provide plenty more fun. The Hummer H3 pickup will be seen at dealers – for consumer purchase – late in 2008. Expect the five-cylinder and the V8 to be available in crew cab format. If you want a pickup, spend your money on a new Silverado or F150. (Read The Good Car Guy’s review of the H2 here.) If you need a Hummer, take the relatively lightweight H3 or, better yet, buy a practical and usable vehicle. Don’t buy the H3 pickup.

Is there any potential of the Five Axis Yaris Club being built? It’s unlikely, to say the least. But it would certainly bring some spice to your local Toyota showroom, something GoodCarBadCar just posted as a Toyota necessity today. Five Axis supercharged the small four-cylinder and chopped off anything that sat above the waistline; chopping a bit too much, perhaps. Toyota is about the last automaker you could ever expect to build something like this aftermarket-chopped Yaris.

It would take a pseudo-Renault or Citroenish mindset to pull this off. Toyota did say, however, that this Yaris Club pays homage to “Toyota’s racing heritage harkening back to the late ’60s when Toyota challenged for the Group 7 category of Can-Am racing with the Toyota 7.”