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Aston Martin can be criticized on very few fronts. Yes, their cars are lookalikes. But when the looks are so good, can you blame them for multiplying? In addition to that, prices are extraordinarily overbearing, pushing Astons out of our range. Can’t really blame a business for operating like…. a business, can you?

The renowned British luxo-sports automaker is a constant improver of its automobiles. Its former flagship, the Vanquish, was a disappointment to some but managed to spiff itself up model year after year after year. Mid way up the product line, the DB9 has evolved into the new flagship; the DBS. That’s improvement. Kind of.
Now it is the turn for the entry-level ($111,300 is entry-level?) V8 Vantage to improve. Check out the Numbers below, and click the link to see more GCBC numerical explanations.
4.7 – capacity of the new V8 in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, up from 4.3 litres
420 – total horsepower produced by the new V8, a 40bhp bump
347 – total lb-ft of torque produced by the enlarged engine, a 45 lb-ft boost
13 – estimated improvement, in percentage, on the EU combined cycle for fuel economy of the ’09 V8 Vantage
0.5 – weight savings, in kilograms, of the modified flywheel and clutch
11 – percentage stiffening of the front springs, along with 5% stiffening at the rear while the front lower suspension arm compliance bushes stiffened 22%
10,000+ – total Aston Martin V8 Vantage coupe and convertible deliveries completed since the introduction of the coupe in 2005 and roadster in 2007