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Two of Volvo’s smaller vehicles have been recalled to the tune of 82,000 cars.  Five-cylinder S40’s and V50’s made between 2004 and 2006 could face rust problems in their fuel pump electronic modules. That could eventually lead to a stall, and this is especially likely in major Volvo markets like Germany, the USA, and Sweden where rain, salt, and cold merge.

The V50’s big brother, V70, is one of GoodCarBadCar’s Good 12 for 2008.  The S40/V50 pair, and even the newer C30, are stylish small cars that major on comfort and safety, but throw in a dose of sportiness, too.  Volvo has faced the issue of too-small-compared-with-Accord and not-as-fun-as-BMW 3-series, but the S40/V50 are good cars for couples or families with small kids.