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High ambient temperatures, when mixed with the right (read: wrong) driving conditions, could result in the fuel tank ventilation valve not fully closing in ’08 Volkswagen R32s. “If this happens,” NHTSA says, “liquid fuel may enter the fuel tank venting system and migrate into the evaporative system, saturating the carbon canister. Should this occur while driving, the vehicle may experience performance issues (jerking) and the malfunction indicator lamp in the instrument cluster could illuminate. Fuel could leak from the evaporative system leak detection pump filter.”

So, Volkswagen will be recalling 5000 of the R32. Remember, the R32 is the most luxurious, sportiest, and most expensive Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf; above the GTI. Six cylinders and all-wheel drive combine to make the hot hatch a grand tourer. The fuel tank ventilation valve will be replacing by Volkswagen free of chargewhen this Recall begins sometime in April.