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600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque is quite a jump from the basic Dodge Challenger SE’s 250bhp 3.5L V6. Moreover, 600 horsepower makes the Hemi Challenger’s 375 horsepower look fairly small, as well. In all honesty, the very zippy 425bhp Challenger SRT8, a muscle car with a 6.1L Hemi V8, is 175 horsepower down on the Challenger concept you see above and below.

Donating its V10, the Dodge Viper sends its 8.4L to what The Good Car Guy believes is the better-looking and better all-around automobile. Sure, the Viper is a wild track car and a truly capable sports car. But in real life driving, the Viper lets its owners down while the Challenger is no sports car but makes for easy ownership in the same way its donor sedan, the Chrysler 300, can make for a good daily driver.
Is the Challenger SRT10 a viable product? In an era where Chrysler is considering a number of wild options – offloading Viper as a brand, merging with General Motors or Tata or Renault – production of such a car would be interesting strange, to say the least. The carbon-fiber shaker hood ups the image ante in no small way. Upgraded brakes and shocks team with the V10 to make this a true SRT car. Check out the gallery below for all eight images.