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Vauxhall, GM’s UK outpost, recently commissioned a study regarding singing in the car.  The results?  In-car acoustics are surprisingly excellent, indicating that the best place for improving your vocal ability is while you’re driving.

Singing through your downtown congestion (not nasal congestion; traffic) also helps relieve stress.  Along with Arup Acoustics, Vauxhall discovered that a roof-up convertible or windows-up car helps reflect sound, especially when the vocals are directed forward.  When an individual’s voice starts blasting from window to window to window, the sound amplifies.  Amplified sound instills confidence in the singer, encouraging even greater effort.  
This begs the question: which brand of vehicle hosts the greatest drivers-cum-singers?  Any nominees?  With no Vauxhall’s available in North America, does this mean the Saturn Astra is the singer’s choice?