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UK Auto Sales By Brand – 2010 Year End

The Good Car Guy doesn’t profess to be an expert on the UK new car market. Rather than offer up extensive analysis on what you see below, this table has been uniquely configured to let you know what you want to know: how the UK car market compare with the U.S. car market. In the far right, you’ll see the 2010 Year End ranking for each brand from the U.S. Auto Sales By Brand post. As you’ll see, some automobile manufacturers fare similarly in the United Kingdom and the United States, Ford most notably. Other Detroit-run brands, in addition to Lexus and Subaru as examples, are little-known in the UK but strong in the U.S. 

Then there are those British brands which we in North America know as niche players. But in Britain? Mini, Land Rover, and Jaguar all finish far higher up the UK standings than in the U.S. Also, you might have to do some Googling. Perodua? Ssangyong? 


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