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Tesla Cybertruck Sales Figures

Tesla Cybertruck

Here you will find monthly and yearly Canadian, European and U.S. sales figures for the Tesla Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck is a full-sized, all-electric luxury pickup truck introduced by Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Cybertruck Overview

The Tesla Cybertruck, unveiled by Elon Musk in November 2019, is an all-electric pickup truck known for its unconventional, futuristic design and robust performance features. The vehicle’s angular, stainless-steel exoskeleton and unibody construction set it apart from traditional trucks, aiming to combine durability with a sleek, sci-fi aesthetic. The Cybertruck promises impressive specs, including a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds, and a towing capacity of over 14,000 pounds. Its innovative design and features have generated significant interest and pre-orders, reflecting Tesla’s ambition to revolutionize the electric vehicle market and redefine what a pickup truck can be.

However, the Cybertruck has not been without controversy. Its polarizing design has sparked mixed reactions, with some praising its bold departure from conventional truck aesthetics, while others criticize it as impractical or excessively radical. During its unveiling, the Cybertruck’s supposedly unbreakable “Armor Glass” windows infamously shattered when struck by a metal ball, leading to widespread media coverage and skepticism about the vehicle’s durability claims. Additionally, production delays and regulatory hurdles have pushed back its release timeline, causing frustration among eager buyers and investors. Despite these challenges, the Cybertruck continues to capture public imagination, symbolizing both the innovative spirit and the contentious nature of Tesla’s approach to automotive design and technology.

Tesla Cybertruck Sales Figures


Tesla Cybertruck U.S Sales Data & Charts

US Monthly Sales

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2024 7,999

US Annual Growth

Tesla Cybertruck Canada Sales Data & Charts

Canada Annual Sales

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Canada Annual Growth

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Tesla Cybertruck Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

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Europe Annual Growth

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