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What does a high-value Japanese supercar have in common with a German city car and an American musclecar?

Well, apart from the fact that production of each car was originally signed off by European based personnel and the fact that all three have four wheels and prefer (or mandate) most of the power to transfer through the rear wheels – they also will be hard to find on dealer lots in 2008.

Dodge Challenger, smart fortwo, and Nissan GT-R. Dodge, at least as far as plans go, won’t have enough cars to satisfy the buyers that are already confirmed. smart has way more orders than potential imports (frequently the case when smart enters a new market). Nissan is nearing the maximum order total; as they relate to their American-bound imports. In otherwords, wait times for the Challenger and GT-R could approach Ferrari levels, even as the lineup for fortwo’s might grow longer in light of rising fuel prices.