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Subaru XV Crosstrek Sales Figures

Subaru XV Crosstrek

Here you will find Canadian, European and U.S. sales figures for the Subaru XV Crosstrek. The Subaru XV Crosstrek, also known simply as the Subaru Crosstrek in North America, is a compact crossover SUV that has been part of Subaru’s lineup since 2012. It’s based on the Subaru Impreza hatchback and shares many components with that model but offers higher ground clearance, rugged styling, and enhanced off-road capabilities.

Subaru XV Crosstrek Overview

Like many Subaru models, the Crosstrek comes standard with all-wheel drive, contributing to its solid performance in all weather conditions and light off-road situations. The Crosstrek offers more ground clearance than most other vehicles in its class, enhancing its off-road abilities. The Crosstrek’s interior is practical and well-designed, with a focus on user-friendliness. Modern infotainment features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, are standard or available depending on the trim. The Subaru XV Crosstrek has been in production for 10 years and has gone through three generations. The Subaru Crosstrek has been generally well-received for its combination of daily usability, unique styling, off-road ability, and value for money. It fits well with those looking for a compact SUV with more adventurous capabilities.

Subaru XV Crosstrek Sales Data & Trends

The Subaru Crosstrek stands out in the crowded compact SUV market with its standard all-wheel drive, off-road prowess, and rugged appearance. It has sold well and has a fanatical buyer base.

Subaru XV Crosstrek U.S Sales Data & Charts

U.S Monthly Sales

U.S Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2012 7,396
2013 54,011
2014 70,956
2015 88,927
2016 95,677
2017 110,138
2018 144,384
2019 131,152
2020 119,716
2021 127,466
2022 155,142
2023 159,193
2024 64,368

U.S Annual Growth

Subaru XV Crosstrek Canada Sales Data & Charts

Canada Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2012 2,008
2013 6,115
2014 6,922
2015 8,422
2016 9,723
2017 11,168
2018 14,539
2019 15,184
2020 22,161
2021 23,342
2022 7,523

Canada Annual Growth

Subaru XV Crosstrek Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2011 25
2012 14,881
2013 12,216
2014 10,745
2015 8,925
2016 10,400
2017 10,618
2018 14,706
2019 10,577
2020 7,341
2021 7,139

Europe Annual Growth

Subaru XV Crosstrek Generations

The Subaru XV Crosstrek has evolved over the years to become a more comfortable, capable, and technologically advanced SUV. It is still a popular car for outdoor enthusiasts and those who need a car that can handle both on-road and light off-road driving.

1st Generation (2013–2017)

The Crosstrek was introduced as a 2013 model and was based on the fourth generation of the Subaru Impreza. Distinguishing features included higher ground clearance (compared to the Impreza), protective body cladding, roof rails, and unique wheels. Power came from a 2.0-liter flat-four engine, and Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive was standard. A hybrid version was also available for part of this generation, offering a mild boost in fuel efficiency.

2nd Generation (2018–2022)

The second-generation Crosstrek arrived for the 2018 model year, utilizing Subaru’s Global Platform, which enhanced rigidity, safety, and handling. This generation maintained the distinctive rugged styling and practicality but with updated design cues and technology. Engine options expanded, with both the 2.0-liter engine continuing and the introduction of a more powerful 2.5-liter engine in some trims.

3rd Generation (2023-Present)

The third generation XV Crosstrek is the current generation. It is a more refined and technologically advanced than the second generation. It has a new exterior design, a new interior, and a new engine. The engine is a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that produces 182 horsepower and 176 lb-ft of torque. It is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).