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Recalls skyrocketed in 2007. reported a 30% increase over 2006, although 2007’s numbers were below this millenium’s average.  With Ford’s heavy contribution of 5.5million vehicles and the artist formerly known as DaimlerChrysler’s tossing another 1.4million into the mix, consumers watched as 14.5million vehicles were called back to the garage over a twelve month span.  General Motors and Toyota are newsmakers, too; but in the opposing direction.  Fortunately for the world’s two #1’s, recalls were way down.

There’s your background for this story.  Windshields on Mercedes SLR McLaren’s are likely to be unsecure in the event of a shunt.  Mercedes-Benz will install new windshields on each and every SLR affected.  All three of them.
On a side note, is recalling the Mercedes SLR McLaren as well.  The plan is to break down each SLR, sell the carbon fibre, aluminum, steel, cloth, leather etc. and use the proceeds to buy the owner a brand new SLK350. believes the SLR may induce crashes – the ones where the windshields won’t hold – by striking passing pedestrians with horrifically ugly visual stimuli and causing a deer-in-the-headlights effect.