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From Autoblog comes news from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s French division, Radio-Canada, that Penske will cause Saturn to cease in Canada.

General Motors-owned Saturn, transferring into Roger Penske’s hands, only sold through 60 dealerships in Canada before everything went kaboom this year. Apparently, half of those dealers had already decided to forego continuing as Saturn sellers. Near GoodCarBadCar Towers, one local Saturn dealership had only a handful of used vehicles on their lot just a few days ago. Now comes this news: Saturn appears to be done selling cars in Canada.
Just 20 years ago Saturn was telling Canadians that they’d “reinvented the automobile”. Rather obviously, Saturn hadn’t reinvented anything but the buying process – to a degree – and was forced to sell aging models…. for a very long time. Now that Saturn’s lineup is starting to resemble something competitive, General Motors has severed its bond and Penske is saying, “U.S. Only”.