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With 332 lb-ft of torque and 235 horsepower, the V6 diesel in the Renault Laguna coupe is far and away the better engine choice. Choosing the Laguna coupe won’t be a common occurence in Europe, however. Expensive front-wheel drive two-doors from mainstream manufacturers aren’t the hottest ticket – ever. 

That’s not to say the car is indistinguishable or irrelevant. Renault design is always one step ahead of the pack; even if that step is in the wrong direction. In this case, the Laguna is let down only by its front end – a face only a mother could love. 
In profile and especially from the rear three-quarter, the Laguna coupe is a stunner. Renault will celebrate its diesel technology and safety while attempting to draw attention to this lifestyle choice. No doubt, the four-wheel steering that’s already been put into practice in the regular Laguna will aid agility in no small measure. The gasoline-fired engine is a 240bhp, 243 lb-ft 3.5L V6 that you know well from Nissan, Renault’s partner. Features more commonly seen in BMWs or Audis will help sell a few Laguna coupes.
Pricing should never be compared directly since currency exchanges tell only part of the story. Most print and online auto outlets pay no attention to that and will tell you the Laguna Coupe’s price in € translates to USD pricing between $45,000-$65,000, about the same as a BMW 3-Series would if its € prices were exchanged directly. In fact, the 3-Series coupe shifts in America between $36,000-$45,000 and so would the Laguna coupe if imported to this continent. Renault? In North America? Ha. Check out the full gallery below.