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As a performance car, we’ve yet to discover the all-around capability of Hyundai’s upcoming rear-wheel drive Genesis Coupe.  There’ll be no V8, but the hi-po V6 is expected to pump out serious juice.  It becomes obvious that the Genesis will be a budget 350Z. 

Originally (as you can see in older Genesis posts), the concept was soul-stirring.  Orange paint and unpainted carbon fiber contributed to that effect.  Now, with the production GenCoupe revealed, my indwelt Korean exhilaration is dwindling. 
Don’t get me wrong: if a 6-speed manual and a V6 fail to excite in this car, I’d be shocked.  But sporty cars like this (and 350Z, Mustang, RX-8) are sold with a heavy emphasis on style. Without style, these cars are simply impractical and pointless.
And, dare I say it, from some angles, the GenCoupe looks like a Tiburon of the past.  Indeed, the Tiburon has been a looker during some stages of its evolution, but I was expecting more than a rehash. Thankfully, the rear-end is terrific.  Enthusiasm?  Remaining.  To what degree? Hmm, I’ll get back to you.