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We are creatures of habit and prone to caving in to peer pressure. With that in mind, I give you two excuses to review previous material. You’ve been there before? Who cares, you’re a creature of habit – form a new one. That’s what everybody else is doing? Exactly – cave to the pressure, already. The top five most popular GCBC pages EVER are as follows:

  1. Ford Diesel Recall – December 06/2007: The massive truck recall took in vehicles built over a six-year span.
  2. Same Old But Better Than Ever – April 24/2007: Honda’s very popular Civic fell into the hands of The Good Car Guy.
  3. Dodge’s Journey Must Make Inroads – September 10/2007: Analysis of Chrysler’s Journey introduction.
  4. The Good 12 – December 19/2007~January 1/2008: Look here for the twelve cars you should consider in 2008.
  5. Top 5 Cars The Police Should Be Driving – July 18/2007: Forget Crown Victoria’s, look to the Acadia, Ridgeline, xB, Suburban, and G8.