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No, it didn’t just dawn on me, but it hit with aluminum bat force more recently. Pontiac released its G6 sedan to much fanfare on the Oprah show a few years ago. Along came a hardtop convertible and coupe. Although never a fan of the G6 in general, the highest-performing G6 coupe finds humiliating ways to offend; ways that you wouldn’t expect the builder of the now-classy Cadillac CTS, reputable Corvette Z06, or clean and cool Malibu to make use of.

Bob Lutz, the senior product mastermind at General Motors, declared that Pontiac should be a value-driven American BMW-type automaker. To do so, he suggested earlier this decade, Pontiac design needed to be stripped of excess gaudiness. Cladding, unbecoming scoops, hideous spoilers: they all had to go. 
Apparently they didn’t. The proof is in the pictures. Officially, on behalf of, apologies…. many, many apologies, for exposing your eyes to this ‘car’.