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Although isn’t an active follower of Peugeot, The Good Car Guy always keeps his eye on the happenings in France. Lately, that’s involved a lot of wide-mouthed Mazda 3-like grimaces paired with driving dynamics that weren’t/aren’t up to Peugeot’s normally high standards. One look at this RCZ and any North American auto scribe will feel as though Peugeot’s designers know their way around pencil and paper. Or AutoCAD.

The 308 RC Z concept Peugeot from Frankfurt’s 2007 auto show was shocking and realistic at the same time. Holding true to the concept, this production car keeps the double-bubble roof. Contrasting aluminum roofrails accentuate the Audi TT similarities, bearing in mind that the overall proportions are very mid-engineesque.
Of the engine choices, high horsepower lovers must be satisifed with 200 horsepower. Another gas-powered engine with 156 horsepower will obviously save money while a 163-horsepower diesel offers a great thumping load of torque: 236 lb-ft of twist, in fact.
Moving inside, the coupe’s more proletarian origins come to light. Although thoughtfully designed, this is no BMW Z4. Like the Nissan 370Z bumping up against the Porsche Boxster, the RCZ strikes the Audi TT from beneath.
With great confidence we can predict the complete absence of the Peugeot RCZ on North American roads. The world wide web’s power still enables you to see 43 pictures of the Pug in the Gallery below.