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GM Europe design is light years ahead of what GM Europe design was just a few years ago. The Vauxhall/Opel Corsa, Astra, Vectra, and Zafira are all – at this time – look much flashier and more expensive than just one generation ago.

The Insignia group of vehicles won’t be fully revealed for a number of months. Automakers all enjoy building hype. Hundreds of Pontiac G6’s were given away on Oprah Winfrey’s show a few years back. The smart fortwo has been touring America ahead of its on-sale date. The faster-than-Z06 Corvette was ‘caught’ (wink wink), extensively, on video before General Motors wanted to even talk about it. In any case, this very partial Opel Insignia reveal is one of the better hype-builders. Sure, it’s a bit geeky; plenty unbelievable; and it’s not as if this is the C7 Corvette. But it’s well done and 10x cooler than the Hyundai version of the same concept.