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Ford Motor Company is the latest recommender of increasing the miles between your oil changes. For 2007 models and anything subsequent, Ford has said that 7,500 miles is sufficient. Ford gives credit to the oils even more than the improvements shown in engine technology as reasons for the altered recommendations. The days when new cars needed only 3000 or 5000 between oil changes is long gone. Many manufacturers, including Honda and GM, give no recommendations at all. They rely on sensors in most of their cars to tell you; because, after all, the life of every car is unique. GM’s Peter Lord talked about the use of technology rather than across-the-board recommendations: ‘We are absolutely confident of the technology. We back it with a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty now, so there’s no doubt in our mind that this technology works.” There’s no doubt that elapsed time and the age of the vehicle can contribute to the misapplication of these recommendations. And, every carmaker phrases things a little differently. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that that engine technology and higher quality oil are contributing to you saving $ in the service departments.