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Top 3 Reasons For Avoiding: Cars shouldn’t suffer from low self-esteem – the Versa sedan does. If a vehicle’s designed to be a hatchback, let it remain a hatchback. When a vehicle’s claim to fame is its status as the lowest-priced new car in America, it better not act like the lowest-priced vehicle in America – the Versa sedan does.

Alternatives: Kia Soul, a bicycle built for four, smart fortwo

Base USD Price: $9,990

Ideal Owner: Jessica, a 22-year old student at Florida State, who swears she never even heard of the word “clutch” and doesn’t know if her engine is front-wheel drive or a Quattro like those found in Euro-trash cars.

Necessary Incentizing B4 Purchase: 50% off
  1. Hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I'm sure the Versa sedan gives somebody transportation freedom they never had befor but i hate it i hate it I hate it.

  2. We bought the first Versa Hatchback that hit the street in our town. We did it for a number of well researched reasons…most of them I still agree with with.

    The Good..the Versa SL seats are the best in class and above, it's easy to get in and out of without contortions to avoid hitting your head on the roof line, it's a very quiet car at all speeds, with 4 winter tires it pulls through snow like a tank, has a grood heater and a/c, great visibility all around, nice lines on the dash design, and is still comfortable after hours of highway driving.

    Why Nissan went to the trouble of cranking out a little Sedan of this size I don't know…who would want one?
    Then they killed off the Versa name with that "$9,995.Cheapest Car in America" pitch.
    At first glance it's a Vesa alright, but stripped of all the things that make the first Versa's a nice little car. Even with the smaller 1.6 engine the El Cheapo's still don't get great mpg's. My Versa SL with the CVT powertrain is now almost 4 years old and is selling for about $6995.00…I am still making payments on the $22,000 I paid for it in 2007.

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