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There will be 691 Nissan dealers in the United States authorized by the manufacturer to sell you (or perhaps your boss… or his boss, depending on the mark-up) a Nissan GT-R.  Familiar with the GT-R? If not, click here for the great Japanese quasi-Corvette known as the Skyline GT-R in former generations.

The basic MSRP at those 691 dealers will be $69,850 or an extra $2,050 for the Premium GT-R.  GT-R certification wasn’t easy to come by for Nissan dealers.  Sales transactions are meant to be performed by dealer principals or upper-tier managers.  The service managers and technicians require special training and one of those technicians must be classified as a master tech. Commitments were required as far as infrastructure, sales, and service goes.  
Follow this link to the site where you can search your area and tick the box marked “GT-R Dealers Only.”
Is GoodCarBadCar obsessed with the GT-R?  Umm….er, umm.  Sorry, what was the question?