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In almost every automotive case, removing the roof of a vehicle nets you a higher list price. Why is it that automakers require greater payment for less structure? Well, there’s generally more material underneath, and thus, greater weight. Weight gain is also the reason many car enthusiasts avoid convertibles.

In the case of the new Nissan 370Z Roadster, the hardtop-to-softtop changes haven’t caused as much damage as in the 350Z Roadster of yesteryear. Stylistically, the Nissan 370Z Roadster is more becoming. Dynamically, the 370Z Roadster is also more competent. In fact, though The Good Car Guy didn’t include the convertible from Good 12 v3.0 proceedings, it wasn’t actually excluded, either. So in this case of Good 12 Gone Bad, just like the Mini Cooper S Clubman before it, the Nissan 370Z covered here is a different bottle in the spice rack.
Beginning with the Touring Sport Package, the Nissan 370Z Roadster is $44,040 car. Yikes. Navigation, a Black Cherry top, and some small options take this 370Z north to $48,320, destination charge included. Though The Good Car Guy may approve of any Z purchase above that of a Mercedes-Benz SLK300, the fact that a Nissan costs more than its German competitor is a bit astounding. Even if it is faster, better-looking, and more fun.